Meet & Greet

Once you arrive at Massage Masters, you will fill out a form to list any relevant medical history, injuries, or any phical conditions are massage therapist should be aware.

Meeting your Massage Therapist

Your massage therapist will discuss the reason of your visit and go over any specific areas your would like to address during your massage.

Getting Prepared 

Your massage session will be in a private room. Your massage therapist will leave the room so that you may disrobe and lay down on the table. You may prefer to completely disrobe or remain partically clothed. During your session, your therapist will only uncover the area of your body being worked on. 

Massage Time

It is all about you! Make sure you are comfortable and let the therapist know if you are not. Tell the therapist if you are cold, want to be covered, don't want an area of your body touched, don't like the music, or are experiencing discomfort with the technique or how it is being applied. Remember, you are in charge.

After your Massage

When your massage is complete, your therapist will wait outside the room so you may dress. When you’re ready, your therapist will return you to the front desk and give you a small bottle of water.
Chair Massage
Seated massage that is focuses on your back, shoulders and neck and arms.  
10 Minutes $20 - 15 Minutes $25
20 Minutes $30 - 25 Minutes $35
30 Minutes $40 - Additional Minutes $1.50 
Swedish Massage
 A relaxing and restorative massage technique that relieves stress, boosts circulation, and eases muscle aches and pains.  

30 Minutes $45 - 45 Minutes $65
60 Minutes $80 - 90 Minutes $100
Additional Minutes $2.00 
Deep Tissue Massage
Stronger pressure focuses on underlying muscle tension and knots. The perfect massage technique for muscle recovery.  

30 Minutes $50 - 45 Minutes $70
60 Minutes $85 - 90 Minutes $110
Additional Minutes $2.50 
Couple Massage
A massage for two people with two massage therapists at the same time and place.  

10% Discount
Foot Massage
Helps to relieve toe pain, ankle pain, plantar fasciitis and common forms of arthritis, but can also decrease stress and anxiety.  

10 Minutes $20 - 15 Minutes $25
20 Minutes $30 - 25 Minutes $35
30 Minutes $40 - Additional Minutes $1.50 
Wellness Program
Up your corporate perks with Massage Masters in-office chair massages. Our portable chairs can be set up in a specific area or brought from desk to desk.

$60 hourly